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Manufacturer of Modern Radiators in Iran
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About us

Sayyal Peyvand Anahita Corporation in 2008 in order to cut the country’s dependence on importing various types of repair valves and stainless steel split joints in water and sewage companies and other industries including oil, gas, petrochemicals and marine industries. It is applied to the national industry and produced these devices on the basis of world standards and obtained ISO 9001 certificate in quality management and also received the standard mark of the production of these products from the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran and supplying the market demand of the country during The past years and the maximum satisfaction of domestic consumers have led to the exit Foreign bay from Iran and the complete disruption of the country’s dependence on these products.

Therefore, relying on previous brilliant records and high technical capability of the personnel of this production unit, senior management of the company during the development phase of this unit since 2015, research into the production of all types of stainless steel steel radiators used in the building industry The company, after two years of continuous research since the beginning of 2017, has managed to produce the massive product of the Art Raadiator brand, which we hope to be as proud as ever and to bring satisfaction to our compatriots in the building industry.